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Android TV Box Malaysia

Android TV Box Malaysia

By chance, you may heard of Android TV Box, a device which seemingly grants user huge library of TV shows comparing to conventional cable TV services in Malaysia. Malaysia’s local TV channels, despite providing services for households across nation for decades, are outweighed by the promising future of Android TV Box. The Android TV Box introduces many new TV shows to all families and friends. The shows that it offers are virtually limitless. The existence of TV Android box is not even a decade old, yet it is becoming more common,…at this point does it make you wonder…what is Android TV Box?


So, What is Android TV Box?

Android TV Box, as its name suggested, a box-shaped android based device used for the TV. Don’t be mistaken , it is not a typical CD/DVD player. As an android device, Android TV Box does more than just watching Malaysia’s local TV channels; with the Internet connection it can broadcast many variation of TV channels from many different countries. You can watch either channels you prefer. Plus, You can do what most TV cannot do with the Android TV Box. You can do what many Android devices do like browsing websites, downloading apps or finding new contents; something many TVs struggle to do. Your household TV literally transform into the next-gen Smart TV with the TV Android box.


How do You Use The TV Android Box?

When you purchase a unit, you get couple of cables, a power adapter, a remote control, the ‘box’ itself (Android TV Box), and sometimes its accessories right out of the box. Make sure you always read the box contents.

Let’s talk about some requirements and ideal placement. The Android TV Box needs an access to the Internet. You can choose to have the device be connected via Wi-Fi or with Ethernet cable. It is recommended to have at least 5 mbps of Internet download speed to watch HD content. The higher the internet bandwidth, the better the quality. The Android TV box also need a single power socket for power source. You can place your Android TV Box box right next to your TV, or place it inside the TV cabinet. Finally your TV needs to support HDMI cable which is provided from the package you purchased.

Step 1: Connect your TV and android box with the HDMI cable

Step 2: Plug your TV android box to the power source and turn it on.

Step 3: Get the network connection ready for the android box.

Step 4: (with WiFi) access wireless connection by inputting password

(with cable) setup internet connection by plugging Ethernet cable to router and TV box

Step 5: Explore your brand new TV with the controller


What is the Advantages of TV Android Box?

With Android TV Box, you have no need to worry of bad weather interfering your most favorite TV channels. Any Malaysians would have experience that moment when TV stopped channeling during heavy rain. Comparing to TV with satellite, you can watch seamless, high quality shows without occasional ‘technical difficulties’. You can definitely watch TV for whole 24 hours if you desire to, since the Android TV Box box has packed with so many TV shows other than Malaysia’s TV channels. You can always switch to other channels with ease; you can configure to choose your channels as ‘favorites’ and be able to select it through the TV homepage, so you have less the need to type several numbers on your controller to watch certain channel. Of course, you can watch local Malaysia channels as usual with Android TV box.

As previously mentioned, Android TV box is more than just watching. If you are willing, you can use it like how you use your android phone or tablet, except you can do so on the TV. You can do what computer or android device does; you can surf website, engage your friends in social media, check email, send message through app, play game, and ironically, watch YouTube. Bluetooth feature can be very useful in this case. If your Android TV box happened to have Bluetooth compatible, you can connect wireless keyboard for typing, wireless mouse for coordinating, wireless controller for playing game, etc. Android TV Box can even extend its functions with software updates and patches. For any Smart TV owner in Malaysia, updating firmware manually through USB thumb drive is irritating. But with Android TV Box, it can updates software automatically as long as you have the internet connection on.

Android TV Box has proven itself as future proof entertainment device with genuine High-Definition TV shows. You can choose to record favorite shows when you are away from house. You will need specific software and setup, or buy one with the recorder feature. If you have very high internet bandwidth, you can watch FHD or even UHD TV contents. Normally, Malaysia cable TV shows are downsized HD due to the limitation of its transmit speed. Internet can achieve better and faster than underground TV cable line. Since you will be needing internet more than even, why not joining the digital age of TV box?

Not to mention, Android TV Box is a great deal if you compare it to other TV services in Malaysia that requires monthly subscription fee. In fact, you do not need any additional fee from watching TV shows. You can potentially save nearly thousand in a single year and save even more money in the long run. No doubt that investing as little as the Android TV Box helps you more than other TV services. Depending on your demand, you can buy one of many variation of Android TV Box. You can choose to have regular, premium, gaming, portable, or customization TV boxes that are available in Malaysia market now.


  • No interference/TV static while watching
  • Watch countless amount of TV channels outside of Malaysia
  • Great selection of educational / movie / drama TV shows
  • TV Channels are configurable for your needs
  • Web browser, Social Media, Messaging app, Games, etc
  • Easily updates and patches TV Android box software
  • Android-based apps are compatible
  • Function as recorder (if applicable)
  • Bluetooth connectivity for compatible devices (keyboard, mouse, phone, etc)
  • Available in Full-HD and Ultra-HD 4k
  • Low cost, High Return
  • Many types of TV Android boxes to choose


While Android TV Box is the promising future, it can be sometime confusing and overwhelming for a new user. During the first use of the Android TV Box, users may find the user interface complex and puzzling. You may wonder what each of the icons can do. Do not falter though, given time and patience you can learn many aspect of the device it is capable of. Also, some TV boxes do feature help and tutorial in case you are left confused.


Do take note that channels can be blocked either by local Malaysian or foreign authority, or corporate. Channels can be taken down for many reasons:


  • Foreign and Local authorities have legal rights to shut down specific TV channels.
  • TV broadcasters have the rights to take down their own TV channels.
  • ISP providers can block TV box users access to certain channels.
  • Music / Movie Industries have rights to take down TV channels.


Nonetheless, closure of TV channel is not a very common situation. TV streaming services are becoming the norm and still growing faster than getting taken down. Either way, today there are many alternatives for you to choose from, allowing yourself to be entertained in front of TV for long period of time.


Finally, for people who are considering 4K (UHD) Android TV box, you need to have 4K TV that supports HDMI 2.0 for most optimal experience. Also, you will need reliable optic fiber Internet connection for 4K experience, which can add up cost. As of now, in Malaysia market, 4K TVs are still expensive despite prices are decreasing since its first introduction. No need to rush, however, as you can still access other TV channels with slightly lower resolution (Full-HD and HD). Do so when you find the right timing to upgrade both TV and internet service.



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  1. Jeffrey C Lee says:

    Hi there. Thanks for the article. I’m a new comer to Android box. In fact I’m just planning to purchase one. There are so many brands out there in the market which makes me confuse weather they are providing the same thing. Some brands even advertise with 2000+ apps pre installed or box is unblocked. I’m wondering what they meant.
    It’ll be great if you can explain to me will any brands function as same eventually. Cos the differential price are so much within some brands.
    Thank you.

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